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Our Full Menu

From cupcakes to ceviche we're just plain frilled
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Custom Cupcakes

Made with
* wedding cake
* Ice cream sunday
* birthday cake
* blueberry crumb cake
* banana split
* macaroon
* salted caramel
* key lime pie

Cakes / Frilled Home Page Menu

Specialty Cakes for all Occasions

If you can dream it, we can make it!
* 3 tier wedding Cake
* Dommes cake
* Upside pineapple cake
* Chiffon cake
*mini bunt cakes
* small bunt cake
* Jumbo cupcake

Cakes / Frilled Home Page Menu


Dough Reimagined
* chocolate peanut butter
* white chocolate pecan cookie
* chocolate brownie cookie

Sweet Delights

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